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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


Noun: People, Places Things, Ideas

Funny People like Brian Regan

~~~After a day at Pirates Cove, Port Jefferson,

July 4th 2009~~~

Do you have somewhere or something you want to add?

Put it in the guestbook and I'll add it!

The Golden Pear Sag Harbor, etc.

The BEST yogurt & berry breakfast, great coffee, muffins, breads, ---arg!--too much to describe. You have to smell it for yourself. Be patient, you won't be the only one dying to get in! Bring a paper.

Kimi Japanese Restaurant, Down Port

WHO doesn't LOVE Kimi? Say "Hi" to Pete and everything will be fine. Chirashi, Port Jeff's the best.

Tiger Lily Cafe, Down Port

Such a great place to hang out for coffee and music or the veggie wrap rocks! Ask Ms. Sullivan about the pear smoothie!

The Steam Room, Down Port

Ok, let's get real about the fare--not the healthiest "food" in town, but on a sunny day, late in the afternoon, it's great to sit in the sun and people-watch.

Stony Brook Duck Pond and Avalon Park Preserve

Grab a coffe at Starbuck's (down the road a piece) and take the nature walk up behind the pond. Very Relaxing & a great place to take pictures.

Short Beach, St. James

The best place (second to West Meadow Beach) to watch the sunset.

St. James General Store

It's amazing the General Store is still around. I am proud to be able to say that this was my candy store when I was little. No, wise guy--not in the 1800's--it was "historic" long before I came along. The candy is still great---the grouchy lady behind the counter? Not so much.

Ruvo, Down Port

Lauren and I will always have Ruvo! The calamari, crab cakes, ambiance...I'll meet you there in 3 years La! Reunion!!

Pirates Cove, Port Jefferson's Outter Bank

Another great place to swim, and hike, and sled down the dunes! Awesome sunsets too. Bring a kite!

Luxia Restaurant, NYC

It is the ONLY place in Manhattan with it's own Granny Smith apple tree growing in a courtyard that makes you feel as though you are in a Touscan Village.

Indian Island Golf Course

You and me, Sara Jackson---I'll own you on the back nine!--that is, as soon as my new favorite people at Orthosport PT in Port Jefferson (and Rocky Point) fix me up good!

Cupsogue Beach, Westhampton Beach, NY (another pic)

The best kept secret---so I won't tell you anymore. Find it yourself!

Bobby Flay's MESA Grill, NYC

Anything Tuna on this menu will be amazing. Pricey, but worth it. Get your parent to take you!

Lower Manhattan Walking Tours

If you can handle feeling like a tourist, these tors are so worth it. Small groups, incredible stories of Lower Manhattan history. You come away with such a sense of pride in NY. Good fun, great exercise!