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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


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How Are You making the Most of QuaranTime?

Since we are all going to be home for a while. It is a perfect time to be productive and contribute something positive to this not-so-positive situation. It is a work in progress, so check back!

Creative EASY yet rewarding projects and ideas:

Clean your silver jewelry...with toothpaste??!!

Regrow vegetables & seed germination 

Truth: these were really sad looking with zero green on top, but we took a shot and within a few days...tah-dah!!!

The carrots & celery are the superstars of the group. The fails were pineapple and iceberg lettuce. Still waiting on the avocado and Macintosh seeds. Going to try romaine and scallion (green onion) today.

You are never too old!!! I did this with my son who is a sophomore in college!!! He spearheaded the egg carton seeding. *call ahead before setting out to buy seeds or order online for in-store pickup.

Here are a few (less “ad” annoying) links with visuals.

I have NO patience for Pinterest, but the have a million visuals. The first few have good visual for kids.

My fave: (sorry ‘bout the ad.)