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Mrs. French's Eng​lish Class


English 9 Spring 2020

Lessons, Materials, Resources, etc.

Please note: Until we are ALL comfortable with Teams and are confident that every assignment is accessible, I will post ALL lessons and links here as well as on Teams. These links and materials are NOT additional. They are on our Class Teams in the Files, Assignments, Chat, etc. tabs. This is a backup in the event you cannot access something on Teams.

Please READ entire message:

> Every post will include the Goals, Do Now: Polly, Reading/Video, Assignments, Due Date, and SUBMISSION* Format

> Assignments MUST BE SUBMITTED* -NOT-emailed, texted in Remind as a message or image, posted in class Chat, or direct messaged to me.

> You MUST check our class Team EVERY morning to check for new messages and/or the day's assignments.

> STAY ORGANIZED! Write your assignments (for ALL classes) in your agenda!


Upload to Assignment 2020 Folder, complete the document attached to an assignment, post a response on a message board, complete a form, complete a quiz in Assignments, complete a Castle Learning quiz/assignments.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: SAVE A WORD DOC ON YOUR DESKTOP. COPY & PASTE ANYTHING YOU SUBMIT. This is know how frustrating it is when you know you saved something, but you cannot find it.

Lessons and Assignments

2 Assignments posted every Monday due Wednesday

2 Assignments Posted every Wednesday due by Friday

1 Assignment posted every Friday due Friday

Monday 4/6: Unlikely Friends: What can the animal kingdom teach us about the shortcomings of humans and our friendships?

Monday 4/6 Due 4/8

A Girl and Her Duck

Video: On the Road With Steve Hartman

In a paragraph or two, write a reaction to the story, “A Girl and Her Duck” from CBS News: On the Road with Steve Hartman.

In the paragraph(s), include something you wondered about while you watched. Maybe watch it again and notice things you may have missed the first time around. What can we learn about love and life and friendship from it?

For More stories by On the Road with Steve Hartman, Go to CBS Evening News and scroll down for miles and miles of heartwarming stories of all that is good in this world.